Nick Ellwood

Nick Ellwood / Illustrator

Work examples of University City Leeds, Concept Illustration/Art degree students for thought bubble application

Below are a few early examples from some of the 2nd year degree students and their on going project, writing and illustrating their own graphic novels.

They will be developing this further over the upcoming year along with other projects to be able to print and exhibit at ‘thought bubble’ if possible!



Based on two characters who are each other’s ‘Alter Ego’ from another dimension.

Written and illustrated by Valentino Salvarani

2nd year student


Jess Bowden

‘My over complicated journey into making a comic – or in my case multiple comics…’

2nd year degree student


Keira Findlay-Mckenzie

IDK & Me

Early draft pages for a graphic novel exploring artist’s block

and self confidence.


Abi Watson

Adventures in New Avia

Romai Smithen Thorpe – Dangerous beasts


Collen Quinn


Work from the students first year exploring character development

– reinterpreting Arthurian legends and working from film scripts


Noah Ashmore


Chloe Levine

Character development, concept art re-interpreting the movie script:

‘The Kid who would be King’



James Binks

Character development, concept art re-interpreting the movie script:

‘The Green Knight’


The Green Knight

The Fox


Thank you for taking the time to look at our application to be able to exhibit at the 2023 ‘thought bubble’ Comic Convention