Nick Ellwood

Nick Ellwood / Illustrator

North Yorkshire Moors National Parks – Natural Science illustration – Rye Valley wildlife Life Cycle

From a series of 30 illustrations and field sketches celebrating the diverse and stunning British wildlife around the Rye Valley North Yorkshire.


The drawings will become part of a permanent exhibition and large scale display and mural in the Sutton Bank Centre, North Yorkshire Moors National Parks, helping to create a new exhibition and information centre including the parks gift shop and cafe/restaurant.


Great to work with  Journal on such a fascinating project and to help celebrate and promote on of the UK’s most stunning areas of natural beauty and rich wildlife.


The illustrations below show the different stages of a Mayflies life (all of which can happen in just 24 hours!) and is part of a large exhibition panel exploring nature’s ‘Lifecycles’ along the Rye River:



The Mayfly hatching



The Nymph (mayfly).

For the first part of its life the mayfly remains underwater and forms a vital part of the river’s eco system, cleaning and feeding off the river’s bacteria.



Dun, Sub imago (mayfly)



The Spinner (mayfly)



The adult mayfly



A dying mayfly