Nick Ellwood

Nick Ellwood / Illustrator
  1. Drawings from Calais: Currently exhibiting at York Art Gallery – ‘The Sea is the Limit’

    A series of drawings made on location while in Calais. Recording the people and stories behind the migrant crisis and headlines. Currently part of the an exhibition at York Art Gallery – ‘The Sea is the Limit – 11 international artists exploring the current and ongoing issues of migration, dispossession and national borders. Running until September 2018.’

    The drawings from Calais have also been exhibited by the Migration Museum and will form part of an upcoming exhibition in winter 2018 at the House of Illustration in London, showing reportage artists working within the migration crisis today.

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    Nick_Ellwood_London_Illustration_Fair_Calais_refugees_illustration Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 17.36.18
  2. Bill Nighy
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  3. Why we love to hate Martin Amis

    The Guardian Review

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  4. Drawings from the Royal Norfolk Show, 2017

    Sketches made on location at the Royal Norfolk Show and agricultural fair. Celebrating the best in show! Developed illustrations coming soon…

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  5. Nationalisation – 70yrs on

    Creating an installation and series of large scale illustrations for the National Coal Mining year long exhibition on Nationalisation ‘For The People By The People’ .

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    m3 National_Coal_Mining_Museum_exhibition_Miner_dinner_illustrated_by_Nick_Ellwood Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 14.29.47
  6. The Fairfax Townhouse Mouse

    Illustrations for a children’s guide book and trail in Fairfax House Museum. Awarded the Frances Garnham Award for innovation in education Historic Houses Association.

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