Nick Ellwood

Nick Ellwood / Illustrator
  1. The Children’s Illustrated Trail – The Painted Hall – Greenwich

    A new illustrated guide for children/families to explore and engage with the magnificent Painted Hall at Greenwich and the Old Royal Naval College. Launched in March 2019 after a four year conservation and development project on the Painted Hall.

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    NickEllwood_Greenwich_childrensGuide ORNCPaintedHalldrawingNickEllwood Painted_Hall_photo_by_James_Brittain
  2. Why we love to hate Martin Amis

    The Guardian Review

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    MartinAmisTheGuardianNickEllwoodDetail Martin_Amis_Guardian
  3. Calais

    A series of reportage illustrations made while on location while in Calais. Currently exhibiting at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and Oxford University until November 2019 in an exhibition called LANDE looking at some of the images and objects found, collected and or left behind from the Calais ‘refugee’ camps.

    The drawings were created to look at questions around migration first hand and to try to go beyond the headlines and rhetoric whole also adding a first hand human account of people and lives caught up within the ongoing migration crisis, while also recording a key event in recent times.

    The drawings have also been exhibited at the House of Illustration as part of the recent exhibition ‘Journeys Drawn’, at York Art Galley in the 2018 exhibition the Sea is the Limit, as a featured exhibit at the London Illustration Fair and as part of the Migration Museum’s exhibition in London ‘Call Me By Name: Stories from Calais and beyond…’ in 2016/17.

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    Nick_Ellwood_calais_London_Illustration_Fair2 HouseOfIllustrationNickEllwoodJourneysDrawn Syrians_cooking_Calais_Journeys_Drawn_House_of_Illustration_Nick_Ellwood LondonIllustrationFairNickEllwood
  4. Nationalisation – 70yrs on

    Illustrations working as an installation for the National Coal Mining and a year long exhibition, looking at the impact of Nationalisation on the coal mining industry ‘For The People By The People’.

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  5. The Mystery of the Missing Jewels!

    Awarded the Frances Garnham Award for innovation in education by the Historic Houses Association.

    A new series of drawings and characters for the Georgian Town House Fairfax House Museum, York. Designed for children aged 8-12 to join ‘Gregory the Townhouse Mouse’ on a Quest in the museum and to help reveal the culprit and decide their fate!

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