Nick Ellwood

Nick Ellwood / Illustrator
  1. Calais – the refugee camps, Winter 2015 – I can see England

    Reportage drawings from Calais – the refugee camps, recording the people who currently live there and their stories.

    Part one of ‘I can see England’ an Arts Council England funded project.

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    Calais_Winter_2015_reportage_drawings_Nick_Ellwood_feat8 Calais_Winter_2015_reportage_drawings_Nick_Ellwood_feat7 Calais_Winter_2015_reportage_drawings_Nick_Ellwood_feat9 Calais_Winter_2015_reportage_drawings_Nick_Ellwood_feat2 Calais_Winter_2015_reportage_drawings_Nick_Ellwood_feat4
  2. Why we love to hate Martin Amis

    The Guardian Review

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  3. The Mystery of the Missing Jewels!

    A new series of drawings and characters for Fairfax House, York. Designed for children aged 8-12 to join ‘Gregory the Townhouse Mouse’ on a Quest in the museum and to help reveal the culprit and decide their fate!

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    Gregory_detective Seg_sq2 Sailor_sq
  4. Bill Nighy
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  5. The story behind The Boy on the Bridge

    Illustrating a record for NM Ellwood recording both the research behind her latest novel ‘The Boy on the Bridge’ and the creative process involved in writing the novel. Designed by Mark Starbuck and Breakfast Creatives, funded by the Arts Council England.

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