Nick Ellwood

Nick Ellwood / Illustrator
  1. Calais winter 2015/ 2016

    I can see England – A series of drawings made on location while in Calais recording the people and stories behind the migrant crisis and headlines. Exhibited with the Migration Museum, The London Illustration Fair and will be touring as part of an exhibition with the House of Illustration in 2018.

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    Calais_migrant_crisis_reportage_illustration_Nick_Ellwood Calais_migrant_crisis_reportage_illustration_Nick_Ellwood_7 Calais_migrant_crisis_reportage_illustration_Nick_Ellwood_2 Calais_migrant_crisis_reportage_illustration_Nick_Ellwood_4 Calais_migrant_crisis_reportage_illustration_Nick_Ellwood_6
  2. Michael Harding – On Tuesdays I’m a Buddhist – Book jacket

    New book jacket illustration for Michael Harding’s ‘On Tuesdays I’m a Buddhist.’ Columnist for the Irish times and one of Ireland’s best loved and best selling novelists.

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    Michael_Harding_portrait_Nick_Ellwood_feature Michael_Harding_portrait_Nick_Ellwood_feature_2 Michael_Harding_portrait_Nick_Ellwood_feature_3
  3. King’s Manor, York – Papercraft

    A papercraft for the University of York, Archaeology Department acting as a promotional tool for the course and as a learning tool.

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  4. #Nationalisation – 70yrs on

    Art Direction and illustration for ‘For The People By The People’ – The 2017 exhibition at the National Coal Mining Museum telling the story and looking at the affects of Nationalisation 70 years on. Working in collaboration with Archipelago and Pure Design. Including a preview area inviting visitors to join the debate in a fantasy style ‘Question Time’ discussing Nationalisation.

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  5. Bill Nighy
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